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1. Birmingham Maintenance Services Alcester Road South, B14 6AA 073191253057
2. E. RAYSON 91B Addison Road , Kings Heath B14 7EP 0121 - 443 - 3*30
3. BEECHWOOD BUILDING SERVICES 74 Beechwood Road, Kings Heath B14 4AD 0121 - 661 - 9*59
4. ARMSTRONG BUILD LTD Unit 3 Partons Road, Kings Heath B14 6TA 0121 - 441 - 5*22
5. COMPLETE PROPERTY PRESERVATION 27 Hannon Road , Kings Heath B14 6BS 0121 - 444 - 4*10
6. IAN GRINNELL BRICKWORK & BUILDING SERVICES 124 Broad Lane , Kings Heath B14 5AU 0121 - 444 - 32*3
7. J & S BUILDERS 39 Woodthorpe Road Kings Heath B14 6EE 0121 - 444 - 2*43
8. L. DANIELS 89 Beechwood Road Kings Heath B14 4AB 0121 - 441 - 11*5

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Kings Heath started to develop from around 1760 , when the old road from Alcester to Birmingham was improved from a single dirt track it was transformed into a turnpike road and moved forward from its original location. As part of the Royal Manor of Kings Norton. The area would have supplied timber and clay mainly suitable for building . A railway station opened there in 1840 , providing much quicker access to Birmingham and M & B Breweries were fast to take advantage of this, and they opened up a shop at the rear of what was known as the " Cross Guns " public house .

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